Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Erik Review

Rather than write/post random shit which has become the bulk of IHOB posts, I would prefer to simply write my musings on albums. The majority of these posts will be recently released material, but I will throw in tributes to some of my favorite albums from time to time. Enjoy!

To kick-start the blog, here is my ultra-prestigious list of my favorite albums thus far in 2007:

10) White Stripes / "Icky Thump" (rating 8.2/10)
9) LCD Soundsystem / "Sounds of Silver" (rating 8.3/10)
8) The National / "Boxer" (rating 8.4/10)
7) Blonde Redhead / "23" (rating 8.4/10)
6) Peter Bjorn and John / "Writer's Block" (UK release 2006; US release 2007) (rating 8.5/10)
5) Spoon / "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" (rating 8.6/10)
4) Arcade Fire / "Neon Bible" (rating 8.8/10)
3) Panda Bear / "Person Pitch" (rating 8.9/10)
2) Menomena / "Friend and Foe" (rating 9.2/10)
1) Battles / "Mirrored" (rating 10/10)

However, there are many releases I either haven't gotten around to hearing in their entirety or else have not yet come out. Some of the highlights:

* Frog Eyes / "Tears of the Valedictorian"
* Dizzee Rascal / "Maths and English"
* Kevin Drew / "Spirit If..."
* Interpol / "Our Love to Admire"
* Common / "Finding Forever"
* Okkervil River / "The Stage Names"
* Caribou / "Andorra"
* New Pornographers / "Challengers"
* Kanye West / "Graduation"
* Super Furry Animals / "Hey Venus!"

2007 has been a fairly strong year in music and it looks to continue! Hopefully these artists can avoid dropping disappointing duds (Wilco, NIN, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bloc Party). I'll have my fingers crossed...


Josh said...

what is this bullshit man

how does an 8.9 beat an 8.8

Josh said...

ps. battles sucks how can you rate it a perfect 10? are you fucking saying that is a flawless album dude

Kid C said...

"How does an 8.9 beat an 8.8?" I think that question answers itself, Josh.

As for Battles, I think "Mirrored" is unlike anything I've heard in a long time. It could be my lack of exposure to "math-rock," but this album blew my mind. It was the most stunning album I've heard since Ageatis Byrjun. So yeah, I would give it a perfect score. I can definitely see why a lot of people hate it though. It's not exactly a sound for everyone.

Kid C said...

The .1's basically serve as to separate really close albums. So while I love both Neon Bible and Person Pitch, I enjoyed Person Pitch more. However, since a lot of these albums are really close in rating, these standings could change by the end of the year.