Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Bastard Fairies / "Memento Mori"

"A Day in the Life of Bastard Fairies' Singer/Songwriter Yellow Thunder Woman."

(Upon waking up) : "In the morning I take my pills, I wash my hands, and I panic and do it again." (from "Habitual Inmate")

(She finishes her morning coffee) : "I have drank all my sadness." (from "Everyone Has a Secret")

(She heads to her doctor) : "I'll have a hysterectomy and we'll live our lives problem-free." (from "Memento Mori")

(However, later on...) : "I can't sleep and I can't eat... the complications that these things bring." (from "Guns and Dolls")

(Her insomnia leads to her calling her boyfriend) : "Won't you just understand that the real me is too much for you?" (from "A Venomous Tale")

(Which leads to a confession!) : "I've slept around. When you thought I was yours, all that time I was with the boy next door." (from "The Boy Next Door")

(She hangs up, feeling simultaneously stressed and relieved) : "I need a beer." (from "We're All Going to Hell")


There's really nothing to say on this album. I inserted the skit to A) showcase the banal lyrics, but mostly B) to fill the space to make this a "full" review. In short, "Memento Mori" is an album of predictability. The lyrics are more or less insipid high school poetry. The song structures are all similar and sonically dull. The closest any of them get to progressing or developing is the occasional bridge or breakdown, and even those are relatively indistinct from the normal harmony. There's a simple way, really, to tell if you'll enjoy the Bastard Fairies' music or not:

Do you think "Little boys that choke the chicken, you are going to hell. / It’s the nature of evolution, the dinosaurs went to hell." designates a meaningful lyric? If so, you'll love these guys.

Unfortunately I don't.

Rating: 2.6

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